Can I install hardwood flooring over a radiant heating system?

Pindar engineered floors are approved for use over radiant heat. There are somespecial considerations when installing over radiant heat and the temperature ofthe floor must be kept within recommended levels to avoid damaging the floor.For more information, please refer to our warranty and resource page

How many different methods to install hardwood?

There are four basic installation techniques for hardwood flooring.

1.NailDown–theboardsarefastenedtoaplywoodsubfloorusingcleats or staples
2.GlueDown–theboardsaregluedtothesubfloorwithaspecialwoodflooring glue
3.Floating–theboardsaregluedtoeachother,butnottothesubfloorbelow. The entire floor ‘floats’ on a cushioned underlay.

Compare hardwood to other types of flooring, what is the advantageof a hardwood floor?

1.Comfortable – real wood has a natural warmth that no artificial materialcan replicate and makes a very comfortable living surface.
2.Unique looking – hardwood has a beautiful appearance and, as a naturalmaterial, every piece will be completely unique.
3. More durable – well-made hardwood floors can last a lifetime and longer.While the initial cost may be higher than with other types of flooring, hardwood’slongevity makes it an excellent long-term investment.
4.Sustainable – wood is a naturally renewable resource.Let’s protect ourenvironment together!

How come sometimes my flooring looks lighter in color than thesample I viewed in the store?

Most types of wood change color when they are exposed to daylight, andhardwood flooring is no exception. The change is most obvious onnatural-coloured floors, and some species change color more than others.Usually, the color becomes deeper, richer, and more even. Over time, your newlyinstalled wood flooring will ‘age’ and the color will deepen.

What are the requirements of temperature and humidity level for ahardwood product in a house?

Keeping the temperature and humidity at recommended levels is one of the bestways to ensure the long-term performance of your hardwood floor. Wood is anatural material that reacts to changes in its environment, and your hardwoodfloor will react to changes in your home. So, it is important to always keeptemperature and humidity at recommended levels, even when the home isunoccupied. The recommended levels are the temperature at 60 to 80 degrees F(15 to 26 degrees C) and humidity at 30 to 50%.